Friday, 7 September, 2018  
09:00   Swarm Robotics: Collective Decisions and Robust Scalability
    Heiko Hamann
10:30   Break
Session 1  
11:00   Welcome by organizers
11:05   Self-improving System Integration – Status and Challenges After Five Years of SISSY
    Kirstie Bellman, Jean Botev, Ada Diaconescu, Lukas Esterle, Christian Gruhl, Chris Landauer, Peter R. Lewis, Anthony Stein, Sven Tomforde, and Rolf P. Würtz
11:25   SATISFy: Towards a Self-Learning Analyzer for Time Series Forecasting in Self-Improving Systems
    Christian Krupitzer, Martin Pfannemüller, Jean Kaddour and Christian Becker
11:45   Adaptive Coordination to Complete Mission Goals
    Charles Walter, Sarra Alqahtani, and Rose Gamble
12:05   What Reasonable Guarantees Can We Make for a SISSY System?
    Kirstie Bellman
12:15   Discussion
12:30   Break
Session 2  
14:00   Using Game Theory to Manage Self-Aware UAS
    Venkata Mandadapu and Christopher Stewart
14:20   Hierarchical Self-Awareness and Authority for Scalable Self-Integrating Systems
    Ada Diaconescu, Barry Porter, Roberto Rodrigues Filho and Evangelos Pournaras
14:40   Security Issues in Self-improving System Integration - Challenges and Solution Strategies
    Henner Heck, Bernhard Sick and Sven Tomforde
15:00   Improving Security and Interoperability of Interwoven Systems through Rigorous Selective Encapsulation of Critical Physical Resources
    Phyllis Nelson
15:10   Discussion
15:30   Break
Session 3  
16:00   Outriggers and Training Wheels for Cooperating Systems
    Christopher Landauer
16:20   Aspects of Measuring and Evaluating the Integration Status of a (Sub-)System at Runtime
    Christian Gruhl, Sven Tomforde, and Bernhard Sick
16:40   A Concept for Proactive Knowledge Construction in Self-Learning Autonomous Systems
    Anthony Stein, Sven Tomforde, Ada Diaconescu, Jörg Hähner and Christian Müller-Schloer
17:00   Coopetitive Soft Gating Ensemble
    Jens Schreiber, Maarten Bieshaar, André Gensler, Bernhard Sick and Stephan Deist
17:20   Levels of Networked Self-awareness
    Lukas Esterle and John N.A. Brown
17:30   Final Discussion
18:00   Closing